1. 19 September 2014 - Glad to be part of the 3rd edition of InnerSound New Arts Festival that wishes to create a new perspective on classical-contemporary music by embedding it in different visual projects. I’ll be present there on 19th of September wher a composer, a conductor and an orchestra will play live music for one of my videos.

  2. Still frame from one of my vids.

  3. Still frame

  4. Still frame from one of my videos

  5. Another point of view of Bucharest.

    Video editing - Monica Vlad

    Filming - Adrian Batista

  6. Montage with 5 new videos I made for the 3 projectors projection @ LOFT, sound by Melting Clouds, listen with earphones/headphones as there are some hidden sounds, watch in HD. Have a great trip.

  7. The most commercial video i’ve done until now.

    STAY - Womanly honest.

    Video editing - Monica Vlad

    Audio - Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko - Stay

    Made entirely with gifs from the web.

    Listen with headphones.

    Watch in HD here


  9. 4 March 2014 - Creating video content for romanian singer’s live concert, Nadine. Video editing made in after effects with short gifs from the web. All black and white.

  10. October 2013 and beyond - Creating video content for the restaurant & luxlounge LOFT ***** /// www.loftlounge.ro /// București [România].

    Video here -»> https://vimeo.com/85350536

    Sound by Melting Clouds


  11. Tiger&Woods @ Greentech Festival, Pisa

    31 April 2013 - VJing for Tiger&Woods, Tobi Neumann and Gaudi @ Greentech Festival 2013 /// Palazzo dei Congressi, Pisa [Italy] 

    Short video review here 



  13. imageSong of the month.


  14. Afrika Bambaataa + James Blake

    9 June 2012 - VJing for Afrika Bambaataa & James Blake during the international festival Meet in Town /// Let’s stay together at Auditorium (Rome, Italy).

    Here’s a short teaser from Carhartt





  15. M A I @ Activa 2013

    Video M A I selected for Activa 2013 - international sound-videoArt exhibition that will take place in February 2013 at the Texu Gallery in Spain, followed by Magmart Festival (Napoli, Italy), Paris France, Optica Festival (Gijòn), Chile, Mexico, New York USA.