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AV live performance with guest Johanna Falkinger

The idea is to create a noise opera, which means to combine the noise genre with soprano female voice and create a sound composition based on opera. The structure is based on 3 different arias which the soprano will interpret; the arias where chosen by her and it’s based on the idea of Aria di Baule which doesn’t exist nowadays (explained below). The orchestral accompaniment will be replaced by noise, the classical instruments will be replaced by analog machines. The arias have the original lyrics and will be interpreted as original by the soprano; there are just few exceptions where I modified the arias to suit me (mostly based on repetition = I increased the number of lyrics repetition in some parts).
The thematic of this performance is based on the feelings of melancholy, sadness, fear of loss, meditation and anger and how music of any kind can be used to express and release these emotions.

The performance will be first played at Ars Electronica Festival 2019.


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