Monica Vlad


Selected for ACTIVA 2013 video art exhibitions in the cities of Soria, Gijon and Oviedo, Spain.



An action apparently simple and without significance becomes a performative action, throughout the expressive modalities of the audio-video language. The treating of the images, following one another, expands and it breaks; a simple moment of a possible everyday situation reaches a new level of story telling. the action seen this way, urged until its decontextualisation, succeeds to evoke a memory, a dream, a wish… This time i experimented with sound, colors, different composition & underwater footage. For the audio i used some sounds that can be heard only with headphones or good speakers, so i recommend them. I recorded and distorted the majority of sounds; it’s the first time i made the sound design for a video… The footage was shot in a Sunday afternoon with friends in Partaccia, Massa (IT) by Mihaela Vasilache… For me it’s the first time i work with underwater footage, I played a lot with the colors. As a friend of mine said: ‘this looks like Mother Nature is scanning our bodies as intruders on this planet.’

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