Dancing queen. This one was a bit difficult to achieve. I made at least 100 tries to arrive to a coherent result.


I always wanted to show somehow the real Romanian mysticism. Even if I don’t live in România anymore, I cannot ever forget my roots, cause they are what define me. Here are some generated things with the help of an AI. Click on the image to see more.

40 days

I decided to make this series called “40 days” representing souls between worlds. Inspired by my father’s passing away almost 40 days ago. Click on the image to see more. #aigeneratedart

Sea and Stone and Poetry

Abstract: Sea and Stone and Poetry deals with how technology stores culture and folklore and how the performance can be seen as a documentary; it is not only a sound documentary but an audiovisual one. The concept is to combine traditional folk Japanese music with noise and create a dark ambient, experimental audiovisual live performance. …

on Spotify

Now you can find me on Spotify, here.

Research on Paradoxal Soundscapes

– a Manifesto – Hello, Thank you very much for opening and reading this document. I will try here to explain shortly my research on paradoxal soundscapes, what they exactly are or what this term means. “Paradoxal soundscapes” is a term I invented or created based on my performances where I combine two different music …


28 September – I am a Strange Loop w/ Monica Vlad & Andaka 24 September – This show was 5th in the global noise chart on Mixcloud! 20 September – I am a Strange Loop w/ Monica Vlad – 5th on global noise chart. 31 August – I am a Strange Loop w/ Monica Vlad & Stefan Tiefengraber 27 …

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14 November 2020: Creative Code Festival presented by Lightbox NYC – physical, online and VR videoart exhibition – Manhattan, New York. 11 September 2020, performance in the St. Josef church for the Holy Hydra event in collaboration with Ars Electronica Festival. It was one of my best performances to date! 12 September 2020 – Klangwolke …

Crushing the world’s crown of wonders

First independent track release; it was created for Europalia Biennale 2019-2020 Bruxelles, Belgium, as a soundtrack for the Kinema Ikon videoart film “Început de Coerență” (1981). Thanks go to Institutul Cultural Român and kinema ikon. Crushing the world’s crown of wonders by Monica Vlad

Che si può fare?

AV live performance with guest Johanna Falkinger When noise music and classical opera meet: Monica Vlad is an experimental audio/visual artist who creates a noise composition based on opera using a live soprano voice interpreted by Johanna Falkinger. The structure is based on three different arias sung by her although these arias were not originally …

CAA-39 vinyl release

  First vinyl release – Monica Vlad with 2 tracks: Intro La Fille mal gardée 7,5″ PVC Lathe cut 188x188x1,5mm Recorded on vintage Fairchild lathe.Silk-screened antistatic sleeves with handwriting.Numbered. Playable on any turntable. Stereo. You can listen here. In my work it’s important to show how sound is produced, to not only press “play” on the …