Artist Statement

Monica Vlad designs and develops new media installations and sound spaces. She uses new and old technology as an artistic medium of expression and as a medium for the audio visual communication. She explores their potential for spatial communication and art.

She designs audio – video performances, media sculptures, installations that have an effect on their respective locations, giving them an identity — beyond their function and architecture.

With her work, she likes to create new experiences and immerse the participant into the piece. The sound of her performances is mainly based on noise, ambient, experimental, from low to very high frequencies that one can barely hear; from minimal to glitch, from analog to digital. Part of her artistic research are also the sound localization attributes, surround – sound psychoacoustics, acousmatic and quadrophonic sound, sound image. The best way of participating as a viewer, is to walk around through the room as any new locations has different characteristics in the same time, regarding the sound but also the visuals.

For her visuals, Monica creates new mediums of projection that together with the sound, compose a total new immersive exposure to “reality”. For her light installations, she works with solid light that can easily be perceived. The viewer is invited to directly engage and experience with the sculptural characteristics of light. The installations carry performative and participatory qualities: while walking through the space, the viewer morphs into the landscape which disrupts the autonomy of the exhibition space and imposes its own spatial and temporal identity.