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Year of production – 2015 Experimenting with code and video created in Processing. The video was screened as part of exhibitions in: 2015 SIMULTAN Festival, Timișoara // Romania 2016 R.E.M.X Muzeul de Arta Contemporana MNAC, Bucharest // Romania 2016 – 2017 :interrupted, MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei // Taiwan

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Year of production – 2013 Concept An action apparently simple and without significance becomes a performative action, throughout the expressive modalities of the audio-video language. The treating of the images, following one another, expands and it breaks; a simple moment of a possible everyday situation reaches a new level of story telling. the action seen …

M E N T h A L

Experimenting with footage and various montage techniques. Music by Tujiko Noriko. The video was screened once in 2011 at ZoneVideo Festival, Empoli (Italy) Year of production – 2010

FOEM // Electronic Youth

  Experimenting with the vj software Arkaos. The video was screened for 2 weeks as part of a double exhibition in 2010 – FLOW, FOEM/Electronic Youth, Spazio HDM, Carrara (Italy). Year of production – 2005