Like Casio in the Sunshine

Sound performance using only toys; listen here. Performed only once on 6th of September 2017 – Qujochö, Linz // Austria.


2nd audio release for 2017, this time for Eighth Tower Records, Italy. LABYRINTH – limited handcrafted double cd edition. Style: dark ambient, drone, psychedelic. Labyrinth (2CDr edition) by Various Artists


Song released on 1st of January 2017 for the Swedish label Reverse Alignment. Style: drone, experimental, dark ambient. Listen here.

light + sound

Interactive light installation for the “architektur + tanz” exhibition @ afo – architekturforum oberösterreich, Linz 2016 interview about it.


Interactive digital audio-video live performance. Performed in Tehran (Iran), Lisbon (Portugal), Linz (Austria). 2016

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Year of production – 2015 Experimenting with code and video created in Processing. The video was screened as part of exhibitions in: 2015 SIMULTAN Festival, Timișoara // Romania 2016 R.E.M.X Muzeul de Arta Contemporana MNAC, Bucharest // Romania 2016 – 2017 :interrupted, MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei // Taiwan

Magazin Mixt

  Light installation for R.E.M.X. Media Art Festival, Arad, Romania. 2015


Multimedia installation using 99 transparent textile strips, 2 projectors, and surround sound for R.A.M. Media Art Festival, Arad, Romania. 2014

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Year of production – 2013 Concept An action apparently simple and without significance becomes a performative action, throughout the expressive modalities of the audio-video language. The treating of the images, following one another, expands and it breaks; a simple moment of a possible everyday situation reaches a new level of story telling. the action seen …

kinema ikon 7012

AV live performance using videos from the Romanian multimedia experimental art group Kinema Ikon’s archive from the ’70s and ’80s updated and manipulated live; also the sound was created live for Live Performers Meeting, Rome, Italy. 2012 Kinema Ikon 7012 is an audio-video performance having as a concept the reinvention of video artworks from the …

Near Death Experience

AV live performance, Rome / Italy 2011 Concept: The installation has the idea to visually represent the altered state of NDE (Near death experience). Through the NDE the death doesn’t only becomes thinkable, but also livable: there’s the experience of death. On 2 screens short clips are projected (5 to 30 seconds). The projected images …

Comfort Zone

  AV live performance for Dimanche Rouge event near Centre Pompidou, Paris. The comfort zone is a behavioral state within which a person operates in an anxiety – neutral condition, using a limited set of behaviors to deliver a level of performance, usually without a sense of risk (White 2009). Comfort zones are directly related …